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HTItalia I-V400W napelemes telepítések ellenőrző műszere

HTItalia I-V400W napelemes telepítések ellenőrző műszere

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I-V400 is the ideal solution for the ordinary and scheduled maintenance of photovoltaic systems. With I-V 400, searching for possible failures and problems in systems is extremely rapid, efficient and intuitive. I-V 400 carries out the field measurement of the I-V characteristic and of the main characteristic parameters both of a single module and of module strings. The instrument measures, together with the I-V characteristic of the device being tested, also the values of its temperature and incident irradiation. The acquired data are then processed to extrapolate the I-V characteristic at standard test conditions (STC) in order to proceed with the comparison with the nominal data declared by the modules’ manufacturer, thus immediately determining whether or not the string or the module being tested respects the characteristics declared by the manufacturer. Output current or voltage from the module or string is measured with the 4-terminal method, which allows extending the measurement cables without requiring any compensation for their resistance, thus always providing accurate and precise measures. The detection of I-V curve is possible also performing far irradiance/temperature measurement by using the remote unit SOLAR-02 (optional accessory) and the RF connection with the master unit.
In its internal memory, I-V 400 manages a database of photovoltaic modules, which can be updated at any time both via the management software and directly on the instrument. Together with the measurement of the I-V characteristic and the extrapolation of the characteristic at standard test conditions, I-V 400 compares the obtained values with the values declared by the manufacturer, immediately providing the OK / NO result of the test. The operator must not do any calculation, nor any difficult operation. The instrument carries out the comparison rapidly and automatically
A termék tulajdonságai
CE mark
EN 61010-1
EN 61010-032
Measurement of output voltage from module/string up to 1000V DC
Measurement of output current from module/string up to 10A DC
Measurement of solar irradiation [W/m2] with reference cell
Measurement of environmental/module temperature, automatic or by means probe
Measurement of output DC and nominal power from module/string
Numerical and graphical display of I-V characteristic
Measurement of the resistance of photovoltaic module series
Mechanical inclinometer for the detection of the incidence angle of solar irradiation
4-terminal measuring method
Comparison with standard conditions (STC 1000 W/m2, 25C)
Evaluation of testing result: OK / NO
Management of up to 30 types of photovoltaic modules in the internal database
Internal memory for data saving
Recalling results on the display
Optical/USB port for PC connection
Help on line at display

Included accessories:
KITGSC4: Kit including 4 cables + 4 alligator clips
KITPVMC3: Kit including 2 Multi-Contact 3 adapters for MC3 connector
KITPVMC4: Kit including 2 Multi-Contact 3 adapters for MC4 connector
HT304: Reference cell with tilt stand and connection cable
TOPVIEW2006: Software on CD-ROM and optical-to-USB connection cable C2006
BORSA2051: carrying bag
ISO9000 calibration certificate
User manual
Optional accessories:
SOLAR-02: remote unit for irradiance/temperature measurement
KITPVEXT25M: set of 2 banana cable 4mm, Green/Black, 25m lenght
PT300N: Double temperature probe (PT1000 + environmental)
SP-0400: free hands kit