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GW Instek GOS630FC 30MHz Analog oszcilloszkóp

GW Instek GOS630FC 30MHz Analog oszcilloszkóp

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Rövid leírás a termékről
1mV/div High Vertical Sensitivity
Internal 5 Digits Real-Time
Frequency Counter
Auto Time-Base
Buzzer Alarm
TV(TV-V, TV-H) Trigger Modes
XY Mode
Z-Axis Input and External Trigger Input
1. High Sensitivity 1mV/div
4. 5 Digits Real-Time Frequency Counter
3. LCD Readout Display
2. Auto Time-Base
Education and Training
R & D Design and Verification
Maintenance and Service Center
OS-630FGD0DH Specifications subject to change without notice.
LCD Readout Display for Vertical/
Horizontal/Frequency Measurement
A termék tulajdonságai
GOS-630FC is a brand new benchmark
for the Oscilloscopes within the same
category. The new innovative functions,
including LCD Readout Display, Frequency
Counter, and Auto Time-Base setting, are
provided as standard features of the
product. GOS-630FC, with a bandwidth
elevated to 30MHz and additional valuable
features, is priced at the level of a
fundamental oscilloscope. The add-on
value without additional cost make
GOS-630FC a most beneficial choice
among the entry-level analog oscilloscopes
available in the market today.
1mV/div High Vertical Sensitivity
The Best Economic Oscilloscope
GOS-630FC, with high vertical sensitivity
up to 1mV/div, is able to capture the small
signals of the input source. Wide ranges
of vertical, horizontal, and trigger settings
make GOS-630FC a full-fledged oscilloscope.
Additional functions such as XY mode
display, MAG function (Time based
Magnified), and Z-axis Input extend the
application range of GOS-630FC to both
the education and industry fields.
LCD Readout Display & Real-Time
Frequency Counter
Vertical/Horizontal settings and input
signal Frequency of GOS-630FC are shown
on a bright and clear LCD display
simultaneously. Users could easily know
the current setting status from the small
LCD screen instead of checking the knob
positions. GOS-630FC automatically
counts the frequency of the input signal
and shows this reading on the display.
This is a good feature rarely seen on a
basic oscilloscope.
Auto Time-Base Intelligent Operations
GOS-630FC provides " Auto Time-Base
" function, which is seen only in digital
or high-end analog oscilloscopes, to
automatically select the appropriate
horizontal time base for waveform display.
Buzzer alarm reminds users when the
Vertical/Horizontal setting reaches the
maximum or minimum boundary.
High Product Quality with Economic Price
GOS-630FC is a highly reliable product
guaranteed by an ISO certified
manufacturing system. Hundreds of
quality tests have to be passed upon
completion of the manufacturing of each
unit. Economic price and remarkable
functions like LCD readout display, 5 digits
real-time counter, and Auto Time-base
make GOS-630FC a product with the best
price vs. performance ratio in the
oscilloscope market.