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Amprobe TMA 10A Hőmérséklet és légsebesség mérő

Amprobe TMA 10A Hőmérséklet és légsebesség mérő

Termék ára
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Rövid leírás a termékről
Anemometer with remote vane
Measure air velocity or air flow
RS232 interface output with
optional software and cable, TMSWA
Continuous moving average for up
to 2 hours
MIN/MAX/AVG reading on a single
Air Velocity average for multiple
Data Hold to freeze measurement
display of both readings
Auto power off function
Obtain air flow (CFM) average for
A termék tulajdonságai
Display Dual 4-digit (9999 count) LCD
Operating temperature 32 °F to 122 °F (0 °C to 50 °C)
Operating humidity Max. 80 % RH
Power supply 9 V battery (heavy-duty alkaline)
Battery life 100 hours
Dimensions Main instrument 181 mm x 71 mm x 38 mm (7.1 in x 2.8 in x 1.4 in)
Weight 363 g (0.8 lb) including battery and sensor
Warranty One-year
Included Accessories
TMA10A Anemometer with remote
vane and cord, deluxe hard plastic
carrying case, battery (installed) and
user manual.
Optional Accessories
TM-SWA RS232 Cable and Software
• Record both channels simultaneously
• Store real-time results for further
• Chart measurements for trends
• View time stamp for event analysis
Amprobe® Test Tools Europe
P.O. Box 1186
5602 BD Eindhoven
The Netherlands
Amprobe® Test Tools
website: www.Amprobe.com
email: info@amprobe.com
6920 Seaway Blvd.
Everett, WA 98203
tel: 877-AMPROBE