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Metrawatt Metriso C-GB M541D Szigetelésvizsgáló 1000V

Metrawatt Metriso C-GB  M541D Szigetelésvizsgáló 1000V

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Rövid leírás a termékről
Insulation resistance measurement
• Measuring range 0  100 G
Test voltages: 100 V, 250 V, 500 V and 1000 V
Low-resistance measurement
• Measuring range 0  100 
Testing for absence of voltage and discharge of capacitive devices
• Measuring range 0  1000 V
Temperature and humidity measurement
via IrDa interface with additional adapter
Contact current measurement
• Measuring range 0  10 mA
A termék tulajdonságai

Reference Conditions Ambient Temperature + 23 C 2 K Relative Humidity 45  55% Battery Voltage 5.5 V  1% Measured Qty. Frequency50 Hz 0.2 Hz Line Voltage Waveshape sine, deviation between effective and rectified values < 1% Power Supply Batteries 4 ea. 1.5 V baby cells (4 x C-Size) (alkaline-manganese per IEC LR14) or 4 ea. NiCd rechargeable batteries Nominal Range of Use 4.6  6.5 V Battery Test Symbolic display Battery Saving Circuit Display illumination can be deactivated. The test instrument is switched off automatically 10 to 60 seconds after the last key operation. ON-time can be selected by the user. Service Life For RISO, RLO, IB: 3000 measurements with one set of batteries (alkalinemanganese) with 10 s ON-time and automatic device shutdown after each measurement For U/f and T/Frel: 5 h (same conditions as above) Safety Shutdown The instrument is switched off if supply voltage drops to below the specified level, or it cannot be switched on. Charging Socket Rechargeable batteries can be recharged inside the instrument by connecting the NA0100S charger to the charging socket. Overload Capacity RISO 1000 V continuous, 1200 V for 10 s RLO und IB Electronic protection prevents the device from being switched on if interference voltage is present . U~ 1000 V~ continuous, 1200 V for 10 s Electrical Safety Safety Class II per IEC 61010-1/EN 61010-1/ VDE 0411-1 Nominal Voltage 1000 V Test Voltage 5.55 kV Overvoltage Category 600 V CAT III 1000 V CAT II Contamination Factor 2 EMC, Electromagnetic Compatibility IEC 61326/EN 61326 Fuses FF0,315-1000G Ambient Conditions Nominal Service Temp. 0 ... +40 C Operating Temperature –10 ... +50 C Storage Temperature –20 ... +60 C (without batteries) Relative Humidity max. 85%, no condensation allowed Elevation max. 2000 m Deployment indoors only